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Unreal 3 Engine / Dungeon Defenders

So I finally took the time to look more thoroughly into the Unreal 3 Engine. Found this forum that has some info on the engine, so I decided to take a closer look. The forum doesn't really explain the memory model of the engine, so I had to figure out a lot of stuff. I have to say, I still don't fully grasp the class/archetype/etc structure yet, but I'm getting there.

With the info given on the forum I was able to write a basic framework which will enable manipulation of almost any UE3 based game (though the pattern match is currently lacking and will fail on several games). 

I won't release the source code of that framework just yet, but I'll release a Proof of Concept trainer for Dungeon Defenders. This trainer should work on any version of Dungeon Defenders as it detects all required variables using pattern matching.

This trainer has no options and has to be running in the background while you play. It'll do the following things:
  • Make (almost?) all towers cost 0 mana and 0 defense units
  • Will make the bonus XP that you buy in your tavern fill an entire level
  • Increase the loot you get from chests (both amount and quality)
  • Decrease cost of upgrading armor/weapons/etc by a *lot*
  • Gives all Mage towers/players/crystals 100.000.000HP
  • Increases damage done by Mage towers by a ghazillion :)
  • Sets 'TheStartWave' to 1 (so if you start at wave 25 , the game will think you started at wave 1, which increases loot quality)
  • Increases damage done by players by 100 times
Using this on Ranked servers will probably get you banned, so use with care.

You can download the trainer here.

Posted by: Da_Teach on Saturday, January 19, 2013  •  Dungeon Defenders UE3 Unreal 3 Engine

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