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Rift - Putting it all together

A few people asked me for example code, so I wrote a small proof of concept Entity Reader.

This will basically list all entities in the memory of Rift and list various properties of the entity components. It will also list extended Player/Target information and list group / raid info. This is far from all the available data, but it's all that I have thus far.

If you decide to use this, at least give me some credit and don't try to pass this off as your own work! Other then that, use this as you wish (keep in mind that on the actual source, my usual license still applies).

Also, I will *not* be updating the offsets / pointers /etc. Also if your not a developer/hacker then this proof of concept won't help you. It's not compiled and does not do anything past listing all the entities!

Note, the proof of concept no longer works due to version differences, but it does give the general idea on how it should work (if you update the pointers using my other blogs, it'll probably work again)

Posted by: Da_Teach on Wednesday, March 30, 2011  •  C# Rift

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