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EVE Online: L4 Mission Bot - Status Update

Since the last release of Questor, I have been busy adding features and fixing bugs.

In general I have mostly been adding more of my own python-access features, and removing / replacing ISXEVE. I've not fully completed this work yet, so expect the next version of Questor to still require ISXEVE.

Some of you have been requesting support for armor repairers and the new version will deliver. Or at least try to deliver, seeing as I have no armor tanking characters. But it should work in theory.

I've also added automatic window-closing. It will close all telecom messages (e.g. "you have entered bla bla bla"), and it will close the "not enough cargo space" messages (and a few others). This should help clear the window clutter that sometimes occurred.

One of the major fixes is that 300-400+ items no longer crash eve. I've had as many as 500 items in my hangar without issues. I've also added corp-hangar support, though it seems that causes issues at times (I'm investigating that).

I've added a capacitor 'fail safe', if you aren't being targeted and your capacitor is below 10%, it will not try to activate your hardeners. This was added to help the very rare occurrence of being out of cap at a star with Questor trying to reactivate your hardeners like there's no tomorrow (and as such never recharging any cap).

The arm-mode now tells you what its missing, instead of waiting till the end of time.

I've added a minimum shield and armor percentage to the drone settings, the bot will check both armor and shields before launching (or recalling) drones. This should help people that lost their drones due being under-tanked.

A few other things probably changed, but I cant remember what ;)

For now that's it, I expect this version to be ready in a few days and hopefully have a new release before the new year.

Posted by: Da_Teach on Monday, December 27, 2010  •  EVE Online Questor

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