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EVE Online : L4 Mission Bot - Part #3

Sunday was very productive, I've finished a lot work on the Mission Controller. The Mission Controller is responsible for the actions within a mission, with that finished the bot becomes very close to a workable release. Currently it supports a range of actions, but an important action is not finished yet (picking up items in space). I'll work on that in the coming days.

I also added a Panic mode after I nearly lost my ship due to it running out of cap, being scrambled and having no shield. Lets just say that's not what you want in a (over priced) mission running ship ;)  The panic mode keeps track of your cap (it does assume that you can actually tank everything, perhaps I should change that) and makes all warp-scramblers a priority target (e.g. they get killed before anything else).

Other then that I also fixed a number of bugs, although I still havent found one that causes a popup screen every so often (although I did manage to lower its occurrence).

With the above done, the state of the current bot means that it can run a 'normal' kill-everything mission without interference from a person. Anything else requires manual interaction (picking up items, destroying certain structures, etc).

So the TODO list looks a bit like this at the moment (ordered by 'priority'): 

  • Fix bugs ;)
  • Add support for pickup missions
  • Add looting for wrecks (keeping in mind the amount of space needed for the pickup mission)
  • Add auto-learning for mission damage types (e.g. if you do "Gone Beserk" then it should take different ammo types the first time, but the second time it should only take the 'correct' ammo for the mission).
  • Allow custom mission actions when needed, the idea is that the bot is able to most of the missions without user defined actions though.
  • I might add support for courier missions, since they can be profitable in some of the mission arcs.
  • Anything else I can think off :)
More later this (or early next) week.

Posted by: Da_Teach on Monday, July 26, 2010  •  EVE Online C# ISXEVE Inner Space Questor Bot

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