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EVE Online : L4 Mission Bot - Part #2

I made a lot of progress since the last post that I made, I've added the following features:

  • Interact with an agent and accept all none-courier missions (e.g. it will decline courier missions!)
  • Load ammo for a mission (current version loads all ammo types)
  • Travel to a mission
  • Travel back to the agent
  • Complete the mission with the agent
  • Unload all loot into the hangar

Slowly getting a real mission bot, but I still have some work ahead of me.

The biggest part is running the mission itself. Seeing as it currently warps into the mission area and just sits there. So I need to write a class which will perform the mission objectives.I've got some idea's (mostly stolen from EVEBot's missioner), hopefully I will complete that today or tomorrow.

Also the arming class now loads all ammo types regardless of mission requirements. Its a waste of space, so that needs to change too. I only want to take ammo that's required for the mission. This class should eventually also re-fit the ship based on mission type, however that's very low on my todo-list due to the fact that I overtank L4's by a mile.

After those two major changes, I need to fine tune some things, like not accepting low-sec missions. The purpose of this bot is low-risk, and low-sec is not low-risk.

Once this is all done, I might look into courier missions for a complete mission package (some mission arc's start out as combat missions and turn into courier missions).

Posted by: Da_Teach on Saturday, July 24, 2010  •  EVE Online C# ISXEVE Inner Space Questor Bot

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