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EVE Online : L4 Mission Bot - Part #1

I used to play EVE Online a few years ago, but I got bored with it and quit. Gave all my chars and ISK away. However with my friend not playing Warhammer Online a lot anymore, I needed a new MMO fix. So I started with EVE Online again, spend some euro's on some ISK, bought two chars, a PvP char and a Mission char.

But as we all know, running missions (or making isk in the game) is boring as hell ;)  So I turned to an old friend of mine called ISXEVE which uses Inner Space. With ISXEVE you can automate nearly everything in the game, I used it in the past. But 'back in the days' the .NET wrapper was instable.So you had to code all the stuff in Lavishscript (the scripting language of Inner Space), which is horrid (at least that's my experience).

But things have changed, ISXEVE's .NET wrapper became stable (but ISXEVE a bit slower, although their working on that). So I decided to start writing a mission bot for EVE (using ISXEVE + Inner Space). I also thought it would be nice to blog about my progress, its not my usual stuff (e.g. trainers) but a bot is hacking too ;)

Last week I spend some time writing the combat and salvage modules for the bot. But with ISXEVE's performance issues, it was completely unusable. I decided to rewrite most of the code thus far and add a serious caching manager, and performance is almost great. Currently the bot is far from complete and its very specifically tailored to my needs.

Current 'features' are:

  • Activate shield hardeners
  • Activate shield booster at <65% shields and deactivate it once >95%
  • Targets 4 'high value targets' and 2 'low value targets'
  • Targets 2 wrecks
  • Uses a tractorbeam on the wrecks (I have 2 fitted, so it'll tractor both wrecks) (40km range)
  • Uses salvager when wreck < 5km
  • Uses torpedos to kill high value targets first and then low value targets

Its far from usuable at the moment and it currently doesnt really have any config files, so you have to recompile to change certain things (like max missile range, number of locked targets, etc).

I will keep you guys posted at the progress that I make with the bot. You can download the current version (with source code) here. Whenever I feel like something major has been updated / added, I will update that zip file. And if you didnt guess yet, you do need ISXEVE and Inner Space for this bot to work!

Posted by: Da_Teach on Friday, July 23, 2010  •  EVE Online C# ISXEVE Inner Space Questor Bot

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