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Trine Part #1

Another game I picked up during the holiday sales at Steam was Trine, its a very simple platform game but mildly entertaining and it doesn't take a huge amount of time to complete. I actually finished it yesterday without cheating, but this blog wouldn't be about hacking if I didn't want to hack it ;)

Booted up my VMware image, because this game also had the Steam debugger protection. Started up CheatEngine and went to work. Unlike Defense Grid, the values for health and power where easily found. Put some memory break points on them and quickly found that "Unlimited Power" can be attained by nop'ing the instruction at 682F53h (7 bytes) and "Unlimted Health" can be attained by nop'ing the instruction at 691BB2h (6 bytes).

However Unlimited Health gives a nice side effect. It will actually make the enemies nearly invincible as well. I say nearly because some attacks (like dropping a box on an enemy, or using the fire arrow from the thief ) will still kill the enemy instantly.

Tomorrow I'll start disassembling the game (have to dump the executable again, as its packed by what looks like the same packer used by Defense Grid) and figure a way around this "feature" :) It looks like some code will have to be injected into the game to allow damage to the enemies but not to the played-characters.

Fun fun fun :)

Posted by: Da_Teach on Monday, January 11, 2010  •  Trine Cheat Engine

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