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EVE Online: L4 Mission Bot - Part #7

I've finally finished the move from ISXEVE to DirectEve (my own code). This means Questor is now usable without an ISXEVE subscription. Note, Inner Space is still required!

Some of the changes:

  • Tractor beam's will deactivate if a wreck / cargo container is within 2500m
  • Wrecks will be unlocked if the ship has no salvager (just like cargo containers)
  • Afterburner / MWD will no longer turn off if your speed tanking and are still being attacked. Note that the old behavior will still be used if your not speed tanking (e.g. if your no longer approaching an entity, then ab/mwd will turn off)
  • Refactored the way Questor loots, it should handle lag better now.

I probably forgot to add some changes to the change log, so who knows what you will run into ;)

I've also decided to release a new utility called ValueDump. This utility has the ability to sell all the items in your hangar. Run it with 'dotnet valuedump' from the InnerSpace console. It will sell all items (or at least try) that are not in secure containers (like a station container). So move your ammo to safety!

By default this utility will not undersell items. Underselling is defined as 15% under median buy price (as returned by eve-central, cached in invitems.xml). This, however, is ignored if the combined value (item quantity * median buy price) is below 1.000.000 isk (its not worth the trouble of trying to sell it yourself).

You can download the new version here. Due to my work I have a lot less time to work on Questor at this moment (I was off the past 3 weeks :), so expect changes / updates to become a bit less frequent from now on. Sorry.

Posted by: Da_Teach on Tuesday, January 11, 2011  •  EVE Online Inner Space Questor Bot

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