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Mass Effect Part #2

This game is more trouble then its worth, but I promised I'd write a trainer and so I did. This game is pointer upon pointer upon pointer, etc. A lot of times routines do much more then just something simple as experience or health, etc.

However I did finally manage to find a static pointer to money and experience (I think, it works on my pc's). I also added unlimited grenades and a money multiplier (you earn money 8 times as fast) and of course invincibility.

You can download the trainer here.

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Mass Effect Part #1

As I said in the previous post, Mass Effect (like Trine) doesn't have a static pointer to the player object. There are a few ways around this problem and I'm going for the easiest solution.

First get the newest version of Cheat Engine, it has improved kernel debugger support (its not a full kernel debugger though, so you cant step through code) which will allow us to get passed the debugger protection in Mass Effect. Although the newest version should support 64Bit processors, I couldn't get it to work. So I used a clean WinXP install for this hack.

The next thing you do is enable kernel debugging (you can find it under Edit -> Settings -> Extra), I also enabled "Use Global Debug routines". Not entirely sure what it does but it seemed to increase stability a bit for me.

Once you setup Cheat Engine correctly its time to search for Health. Its a float, so make sure you search for a float and not 4 bytes. After you have identified the health address its time to use the kernel debugger routines.

Right click on the health address in your address list and press "Find out what writes to this address". This should return 1 instruction at 10D26F4Bh (fst dword ptr [edi]), its the only instruction (that I found) that lowers the players health. However nop'ing that instruction (e.g. make it do nothing) will result in enemies also becomming invincible. So we're not there yet.

Stop the code-finder and right click on the health address again and now select "Find out what accesses this address". This will return at least 1 function which will access the address using an instruction a bit like this "mov xmms0, [edi+48]". Using that instruction we can conclude that the health address is at 48h offset of the player object.

The reason that is interesting is because we need a way to change the instruction at 10D26F4Bh in such a way that it will decrease health for enemies but not for players.

If we remove 48h from the player address (and change the memory-type to 4 bytes) we will see that it contains 118D6968h. This is the player object's vtable, its a unique number for all objects of that type. In this case 118D6968h is the vtable for the player object and 118D3968h is the vtable for your team members.

With this information we can detour the instruction at 10D26F4Bh to use this information. There is one small problem though, the instruction is only 2 bytes and for a long-jump or call we need at least 5 bytes. To get around that problem I decided to use the code cave right after the call that holds the instruction that we want to change. That way we can use a short jump, which is also 2 bytes in size.

If you open up CheatEngine's memory view and go to address 10D26F4Bh you will see that a code-cave starts at address 10D26F57h.

I decided to write this code into the code-cave:
10D26F57 - cmp [edi-48], 118D6968
10D26F5E - je 10D26F4D
10D26F60 - cmp [edi-48], 118D3968
10D26F67 - je 10D26F4D
10D26F69 - fst dword ptr [edi]
10D26F6B - jmp 10D26F4D

Once you wrote the above code to the code-cave, then change the instruction at 10D26F4Bh to this:
jmp 10D26F57

And voilla your enemies are dieing but you and your team mates are invincible.

Tomorrow I'll write a trainer for Mass Effect which will also include some additional hacks like money, grenades, etc. But its late now and I need to go to bed :D

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