The Hacker Within is a blog written by me a.k.a. Da_Teach.

I'm an experienced computer software hacker and I love playing games. Some of my previous (more known) work includes WoW!Sharp and AoCRadar. But I have been hacking games for the past 16 years, I've also been a "professional" software developer for the past 12 years. Currently I'm working as a Software Architect at a small company in Amsterdam.

When 2010 started I came to the conclusion that no one around me understands my love for hacking (or even playing games). Its the main reason I started The Hacker Within; to share my hacks (often on a very technical level). But I will also share some of my programming hurdles that I run into at work.

If your not as technical as me, then have no fear, I will (almost always) create a working Proof of Concept of the hacks I discuss.

Some might be interested in knowing if I have any plans to hack any (upcoming) MMO's, while I am currently playing Warhammer Online, I currrently have no plans to release any hacks I wrote for it. I might, however, release information for other people (if there's any interest).