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Defense Grid continues to be populair :) (again)

So I figured I'd update it again, it should work with the You Monster DLC from 28/01/2012. You can download it here .

I have been severely slacking with blog posts, been busy with things not related to computers. But I'll see if I can spend some more time blogging about things :)

Updated on 25/03/2012, same link as above.

Posted by: Da_Teach on Saturday, January 28, 2012  •  Defense Grid

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  • BIG THX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JohnWutz  •  03 Feb

  • Please Defense Grid was updated today once again.

    Please update when you can the Trainer too

    and thank you for the good work on this

    rICHARDzAM  •  13 Mar

  • Update is out for DG, which is some days ago now. Is it possible for you to fix the trainer? Because its the only reliable one.

    YourBestFriend  •  17 Mar

  • YOU're awesome, thanks!

    YourBestFriend  •  07 Apr

  • Hello, can nyou please add updated version? Thank you!!

    xenula  •  13 Jul

  • I Found a mistake in your code.

    Inside function GetMemoryInformation() (Not used by Trainer) is not working. I was pulling my hair out because VirtualQueryEx returned same info no matter how many times loop was executed. The culprit was 2nd parameter (mbi.BaseAddress). When you got out mbi by reference you had 0 on BaseAddress, so the loop was infinitve. You should have BaseAdress+RegionalSize

    Current non working code:
    while (VirtualQueryEx(hProcess, mbi.BaseAddress, ref mbi, Marshal.SizeOf(mbi)) != 0)

    Correct code:
    long BaseAddress = 0;
    // While testing I also try to use TypeOf to get size old one is not a code breaker.
    while (WinAPI.VirtualQueryEx(hProcess, (IntPtr)BaseAddress, out mbi, (uint)Marshal.SizeOf(typeof(WinAPI.MEMORY_BASIC_INFORMATION))) != 0)
    // Usual code, then at the end:
    BaseAddress = (long)mbi.BaseAddress + (long)mbi.RegionSize;

    ps: Thanks for the source code, It is verry insitefull

    bsaksida  •  29 Aug

  • I am sorry, but spotted another code error in a same function:

    your code:
    range.IsImage = (mbi.State & MEM_IMAGE) == MEM_IMAGE;
    range.IsMapped = (mbi.State & MEM_MAPPED) == MEM_MAPPED;
    range.IsPrivate = (mbi.State & MEM_PRIVATE) == MEM_PRIVATE;

    IsImage, IsMapped and IsPrivate are not stored in mbi.State but in mbi.Type

    Yust out of curiosty, is this place even correct to type a flaw in a code, and Do you hate for someone to point out like I did?

    bsaksida  •  01 Sep

  • Hi, it's not working with current Steam version :(

    Devilxxx  •  26 Nov

  • Bit late, but thanks bsaksida. I'll check the code and fix it if needed. I hardly ever use that code and I'm unsure but I think Defense Grid uses my old memory access routines. I rewrote them to be more clean and more like XDocument access.

    Da_Teach  •  21 Jan

  • I just bought this game only to find out that there are zero up-to-date trainers for this game.

    Would be so grateful if you made/updated the trainer to work with this latest version. I doubt the will update the game anymore and it would be awesome to have a working trainer.

    Anon  •  28 Apr

  • Is it possible to update the trainer to the latest "Containment DLC" version? that'd be so awesome since it's the only reliable trainer for DG out there.

    YourBestFriend  •  10 May

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