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Defense Grid Updated (again, by populair demand)

It seems that there was some type of point-gather-thing during my vacation which made you able to earn goodies, or something. But I couldn't update the trained on account of me being on vacation :)

I'm back but I think reason people wanted the trainer might be over. Still it's updated and you can download it here.

Posted by: Da_Teach on Friday, July 15, 2011  •  C# Trainer Defense Grid

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  • Thank you!

    xenxeon  •  15 Jul

  • Excellent timing.  I'd just gotten around to playing it and beating the Awakening levels (barely survived on each level).

    Thank you! A couple more trainers with popular games and I'll actually donate ;)

    DS9999  •  20 Jul

  • If you tell me which game you'd like to see hacked, I'll look into it.

    Da_Teach  •  20 Jul

  • Have you played the Deus Ex HR beta leak yet?  I'm guessing you'll probably create a trainer once it comes out anyways, but since the beta only contains the first few mission arcs, it'd be nice to have infinite skill points to check out all the augmentations.

    The ones I tried from GCW don't work, and I only went as far as searching for a memory value to freeze in CE.

    DS9999  •  22 Jul

  • your trainer is not working. i have Defense Grid Gold. its awakening + recent DLC.

    Frans  •  03 Nov

  • I've loved both this game and experimenting with it with your trainer, however with the newest DLC and update it has ceased functioning. Here's hoping you update it once again!


    Omoikane  •  07 Dec

  • Hi,

    There is an update again for defend grid and dlc named You Monster. New update is around 300Mb. And trainer says "incompatible version" as expected :) Please could you make it compatible?


    Base  •  09 Dec

  • Hello,
    we all need an update for the Defense Grid Trainer with the new DLC "You Monster"

    THX for your work!

    Robertson  •  14 Dec

  • Please make update :-)

    janko  •  21 Dec

  • Hi, please update for You Monster

    bence  •  22 Dec

  • make update!

    Leole  •  09 Jan

    The HACKER WITHIN whats going on HERE....
    cmon do it ?!?!?!


    williwutz  •  22 Jan

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