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Defense Grid Updated

It seems a new DLC made Defense Grid popular again, so here's an updated trainer.

If any other trainer is not working, let me know and I'll update them. If you have any requests for game-trainers, also let me know. I can't promise anything, but sometimes I'm bored and I'll do trainer-requests.

Posted by: Da_Teach on Sunday, May 1, 2011  •  Trainer Defense Grid

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  • hio,

    maybe not a trainer update, but if you got some time and are really bored i would really like to see finally a good approach about reversing multilevel pointers with IDA/Olly/Windbg. I'm searching the net now for a very long time with no luck finding a good one. It's not that hard to reverse a level1 pointer with the called tools but multilevel really becomes tricky. i know that it's basicly following the registers but this can become "odd" and in my situation i miss raelly oftn the point where my pointer is or i get the wrong offsets.

    yojoh  •  04 May

  • Interesting article idea, if I don't forget then I'll write about it this weekend.

    Da_Teach  •  04 May

  • this would be really sweet. just to correct things. there are "tutorials" like this one

    but as i mentioned this isn't hard. in my situation (wow/rift) i had to switch back to CE as it was a pain in the ass to reverse level4/5 even some level3 pointers.

    hope to read from you soon!
    thx in advance.

    yojoh  •  04 May

  • hey Da_Teach just want to remind you if you forgett about it :D

    yojoh  •  24 May

  • Hey Da_Teach thanks for the trainer


    Today I tried to play and the trainer is not working so it seems

     that Defense Grid was updated again in Steam

    Thanks again for your hardworks



    RichieZam  •  01 Jul

  • Sorry for the extra lines I don't know why that happens

    RichieZam  •  01 Jul

  • Doesn't work

    Jk  •  03 Jul

  • I would like to add to the requests for another update of this trainer.  Current version (as of today, 7/3/2011) gives me "incompatible version" error.

    molokai  •  04 Jul

  • Little update, changing the hash in the source to match current DG executable makes it run, but it freezes trying to apply the trains.

    molokai  •  04 Jul

  • Friendly tip: Incompatible version of DefenseGrid detected.

    Simon Li  •  04 Jul

  • Can you please upload updated version? 

    PS: i love you!

    xixik  •  06 Jul

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