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Since I only seem to have fun botting in eve, and not so much playing eve. I figured I'd take a look at what's out there. A friend of mine had a Beta-invite for Rift, so I started looking at that.

It seems like a fun game, although it resembles Warhammer a lot. But it looks like me and my friend will be playing that for a bit. And I could never play a game without hacking it, so I started doing some exploratory hacking and thus far found coordinates of all entities and player names (they store npc-names differently, haven't gotten around to that yet).

Are there any people interested in any type of Rift hacks?  Note, I won't do a full bot, it's no fun. But perhaps a Radar? Or perhaps some float-hacking?

Let me know :)

Posted by: Da_Teach on Sunday, February 06, 2011  •  Rift

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  • Also in the Rift Beta, reminds me of WoW a lot, UI placement/keybinds are all the same, and yes I would be interested in seeing some hacks =]

    bobnewbie  •  06 Feb

  • im the same way with eve, however i dont want to get too involved with another game again... taking up too much time in my life.

    dim  •  06 Feb

  • I've been in the past 4 RIFT beta's, so as far as "hack" idea's go I'd love to see:

    A "Tracking" hack, that allows you to use most/all the different tracking options. I'm guessing your radar is basically the same idea.

    An "improved" macro system for reactionary macros and multiple commands on the same line.  IE I would love to have a macro that does X command/s until enemy dodgers/blocks/casts/etc and then do X command to react to said dodge/block/cast.

    A "Caster Keeper/Helper" for raids/parties that will watch party members Buff/DeBuff status and allow you to easily keep the proper buffs/debuffs on/off raid/party members with the press of a single button.  (Something similar to old school priest helper for wow, before the UI got nerfed into uselessness)

    A "good" DPS meter of some kind.

    A map hack so the map starts fully explored with points of interest already added.  IE hidden treasures http://forums.riftgame.com/showthread.php?49426-Hidden-Treasure-Locations and other assorted things.  (granted this will require people locate them all first)

    I would LOVE some kind of AH scanner for when the game goes live, Auctioneer in WoW made life soooo much better.

    An auto warfront que toggle so that I'll get requed instantly after a WF ends, mostly a convenience feature so I dont "forget" to que up.  Granted this may not be needed when the game goes live.

    I'm sure I could think of more things I'd like to see in RIFT .

    Xionanx  •  08 Feb

  • I'd be ineterested in the mechanics of it. How they work, how you got offsets, pointers etc, tables structures for game objects... that kind of stuff. Finished hacks are nice, but I too enjoy doing stuff myself. I've been playing in the beta a bit too, but not got round to hacking it yet. Was more playing it to see what I'd actually need to make :D

    mosimo  •  08 Feb

  • Well initially I will be blogging a bit about how I got the stuff that I have thus far. It's been a lot of research in how the game stores everything.

    The game seems to enjoy using classes for almost every detail, player name is a class, pet name is a class, npc name is a class, health is a class, position is a class. Some are 4-5 pointers deep from the initial 'entity'.

    Once I got the hang of hacking at this level again it was reasonably easy but EVE made me lazy ;)

    Da_Teach  •  08 Feb

  • I'm working on a bot as well (private) would like to see what you come up with for this game.

    wren  •  24 Feb

  • I'd love to get enough knowledge or a basic framework for a rift bot in c#

    i have some really good ideas, basic knowledge in c# but never ever played with memory hooking... right now reversing...

    Sandy  •  07 Mar

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