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Since I only seem to have fun botting in eve, and not so much playing eve. I figured I'd take a look at what's out there. A friend of mine had a Beta-invite for Rift, so I started looking at that.

It seems like a fun game, although it resembles Warhammer a lot. But it looks like me and my friend will be playing that for a bit. And I could never play a game without hacking it, so I started doing some exploratory hacking and thus far found coordinates of all entities and player names (they store npc-names differently, haven't gotten around to that yet).

Are there any people interested in any type of Rift hacks?  Note, I won't do a full bot, it's no fun. But perhaps a Radar? Or perhaps some float-hacking?

Let me know :)

Posted by: Da_Teach on Sunday, February 6, 2011  •  Rift

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  • Also in the Rift Beta, reminds me of WoW a lot, UI placement/keybinds are all the same, and yes I would be interested in seeing some hacks =]

    bobnewbie  •  06 Feb

  • im the same way with eve, however i dont want to get too involved with another game again... taking up too much time in my life.

    dim  •  06 Feb

  • I'd be ineterested in the mechanics of it. How they work, how you got offsets, pointers etc, tables structures for game objects... that kind of stuff. Finished hacks are nice, but I too enjoy doing stuff myself. I've been playing in the beta a bit too, but not got round to hacking it yet. Was more playing it to see what I'd actually need to make :D

    mosimo  •  08 Feb

  • Well initially I will be blogging a bit about how I got the stuff that I have thus far. It's been a lot of research in how the game stores everything.

    The game seems to enjoy using classes for almost every detail, player name is a class, pet name is a class, npc name is a class, health is a class, position is a class. Some are 4-5 pointers deep from the initial 'entity'.

    Once I got the hang of hacking at this level again it was reasonably easy but EVE made me lazy ;)

    Da_Teach  •  08 Feb

  • I'm working on a bot as well (private) would like to see what you come up with for this game.

    wren  •  24 Feb

  • I'd love to get enough knowledge or a basic framework for a rift bot in c#

    i have some really good ideas, basic knowledge in c# but never ever played with memory hooking... right now reversing...

    Sandy  •  07 Mar

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    gau  •  02 Oct

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