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Rift - The end of an era

It seem's that I did something to annoy Trion, as they have banned all my accounts for 'automation'. I'm not entirely sure how they detected my program, considering I kept it all private. I suspect (but can't prove it) that it was caused by the Line of Sight check that I used. But someone else suggested it had to do with "actions" per minute/second/whatever.

It sucks a bit since I was still enjoying the game, but such is the life of a hacker. It does coincide nicely with my vacation though, going away for 3 weeks on the 26th. Looking for the sun in southern Italy.

When I get back I'll devote more time to this blog again, I've been slacking due to my fun in Rift. Like writing an article about finding a static pointer to variables that are stored several levels deep.

So cya in 3 weeks :)

Posted by: Da_Teach on Monday, June 20, 2011  •  Rift

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  • Have fun in Italy.  One of my favorite places in the world.

    GliderPro  •  22 Jun

  • Got the ban hammer also today. Not sure why also since I was mostly reading stuff from memory. Wonder if they assumed I was a bad guy because CE was running ;-)
    Anyway for those who're trying to have fun with Rift RE be careful.
    Didn't really appreciated the fact that I didn't get any warning and the reason invoked is really dubious. Oh well back to work ;)

    PB  •  30 Jun

  • hm the same thing happened to me, although i used only private stuff + hiding i got perma kicked from the game...funny that you got an answer why, because they didn't even bother to say why i'm banned and this even after X requests.

    did you both closed the error handler?

    freitag  •  19 Jul

  • I never closed the error handler, I never got errors (at least not generated by my app). So there was no point. I actually figured that closing it could get you more attention.

    After looking at their code again, I still have not figured out how they caught me. One theory of another hacker I know was the use of the cast-function without a keypress. They would be able to see that you where casting spells without pressing a key.

    Da_Teach  •  19 Jul

  • so you used ingame function to cast?
    i mean there shouldn't be a difference between postmessage/sendkey and a real keypress both should be recognized as keyboardinput.

    freitag  •  20 Jul

  • I was using the actual ingame cast function (e.g. no key-input), and I also used the target function (e.g. swichting target without key-input). The hacker that I spoke to had the theory that it was due to those two functions.

    Da_Teach  •  20 Jul

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