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EVE Online: L4 Mission Bot - Part #9

It seems CCP has screwed around here and there and managed to break Questor. Damn you CCP! ;)

However, I think I've fixed the issues (ammo-change & stargate jumps). However if you still run into a problem, bug, or anything let me know using the comment section.

You can download the new version here.

Big note, new missions have been added to EVE and as such I recommend keeping a close eye on Questor.

Some of those new missions will need XML's or Questor will not be able to complete them.

Posted by: Da_Teach on Tuesday, January 18, 2011  •  EVE Online Inner Space Questor Bot

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  • Thank you for the fast update, much <3

    Porksta  •  18 Jan

  • After updating I noticed a strange bug, for some reason if I have the eve window minimized it doesn't seem to update actions.  For example it doesn't pick new targets or even seem to realize the ship is taking damage.  As long as the window isn't minimized it seems to be able to detect everything.  I haven't updated ISXEve yet so maybe that is the problem, I just wanted to notify here if it's not the problem.

    Nick  •  19 Jan

  • I also want to report this error that I'm getting trying to do "Silence the Informant" lvl 4.  I removed the locations.

    20:30:03 Traveler.BookmarkDestination: Warping to bookmark Encounter (Deadspace)
    20:30:50 Traveler.BookmarkDestination: Arrived at the bookmark Encounter (Deadspace)
    20:30:53 MissionController: Pocket loaded, executing the following actions
    20:30:53 MissionController: Action.Activate [target: Acceleration Gate]
    20:30:54 MissionController: Error
    20:30:56 Traveler.StationDestination: Destination set to []

    It goes to the encounter and then just goes back to the station.  I've had a few other missions and besides the bug where the window can't be minimized the missions seem to work.  So far I'm only seeing this error on Silence the Informant.

    Nick  •  19 Jan

  • Just found your blog by total random chance I have to say very good job, I will be trying this although is it detectable / can CCP know what im doing?

    If not your a genious and this is a happy day :)

    Dc4c  •  19 Jan

  • Portska, ISXEVE is no longer needed to run QUESTOR.

    On another note, has any attempt been made to create a forum so we can start sharing "mission.xml"s?.  Would make life a lot easier for everyone if we can upload/download mission configs.

    Xionanx  •  19 Jan

  • I usually don't minimize my EVE Clients so I don't know how/what/why. In theory minimizing shouldn't really affect EVE, however if this wasn't the case with the previous EVE version then I would sooner put the blame on EVE. I'll check out some things when I get home.

    As for the bug with Silence the Informant. Something might have changed in the mission which caused this issue.

    Xionanx, I'll be setting up a forum so people can share XML's. Should help.

    Dc4c, let me be very clear; while there is no detection within EVE for bots like Questor or any of the bots based on ISXEVE at this moment, you always have a chance to get banned. If you do not want to get banned, DO NOT USE A BOT!

    Da_Teach  •  19 Jan

  • I just installed innerspace and questor (very excited to use your program) but after following the instructions from blog #5 I believe stating how to set it up. I am getting the following error after typing dotnet questor in the innerspace console

    Exception during event execution: System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for
    '. threw an exception. ---> System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'python27.dll':
    The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

       at ..()

       at ..()

       at ...ctor(, IntPtr , Boolean )

       at ..cctor()

       --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

       at ..ctor()

       at ..(Object , LSEventArgs )

       at LavishScriptAPI.LavishScript.Events.Event.Target(Int32 argc, UInt32 argvToken, Int32

    I did complete the xml set up file (to my best ability/understanding) "rename" one and yes I renamed it. Please let me know what I am doing wrong or how to fix. Oh this is the newest download. And it has been extracted into the .net programs folder in innerspace.

    Kyro  •  19 Jan

  • Good job on the update.

    @Xionanx - I would be happy to host a forum if "thehackerwithin" doesnt already have one or gives permission for me to do so.

    Looking to do some xml sharing myself.

    Blinker  •  19 Jan

  • Kyro are you running Questor within EVE using InnerSpace or are you running Questor in the console from InnerSpace itself?   What you need to do is start EVE using InnerSpace and then open the console and type "dotnet Questor". It should then start fine.

    Da_Teach  •  19 Jan

  • djsxxx  •  19 Jan

  • Fast n fast work Da_Teach.

    Here are some L1 & L2 mission scripts for Caldari & Amarr.


    thorthor  •  19 Jan

  • @Da_Teach

        I am loading the Eve Client through innerspace, and then loading the innerspace console and entering dotnet Questor. That is where I am seeing that error. Now if that is not the correct console to use please advise, I am pretty new at this.
    Something I didn't mention before is even though I get that error a box does pop up named Questor with 4 buttons and a drop down menu. the buttons are Auto start, start, pause, and disable3d. the drop down has damage types. Even if I press auto start or start nothing seems to interact with the eve client. I searched through your previous blog posts but cant find anything on this. I know there has to be something I am missing.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Kyro  •  19 Jan

  • Just curious, is anyone now unable to launch EVE with Innerspace now?  It was working perfectly fine last night, even after the eve update.  I go to sleep, try to play today, and all it does is crash at startup.  I'm "assuming" this is innerspace related, but getting any feedback on their forums is nearly hopeless..  So yeah, anyone else having this problem?

    Xionanx  •  19 Jan

  • Oop, well, NVM.  Turns out its an ISXEVE problem.  Apparenlty cant auto-load ISXEVE since the "new" incursion compatible version.

    Xionanx  •  19 Jan

  • Da_Teaach

    What is the complete command list for mission XML's? Is there a command to kill all ships ignoring sentries, web towers etc or a command "kill all except.."?

    vercetti  •  19 Jan

  • anyone got caldari L3 mission xmls ?

    palnie  •  19 Jan

  • to add to my previous post. I am running Windows 7 64bit if that helps troubleshoot why Questor is generating an error.

    Kyro  •  20 Jan

  • I'm just posting an update on the "Silence the Informant" error.  I got the mission again today and it didn't have an error this time.  The one I was having the error on was a mission left over that I hadn't completed from before the patch, so maybe it was just some kind of error left over from the patch.  I'm still having the minimized window error, but so far everything else looks like it's running right. 

    Nick  •  20 Jan

  • I read a post today that has a solution to the window bug.

    "This has _always_ been the case on any OS newer than WinXP. If it was operating for you when minimized, and you're not running windows XP, you're the only one I've ever heard of. When minimized, the game goes to 0FPS, hence the bot (which runs on frame hooks) does nothing.

    The evebot launcher runs the command "windowtaskbar on", which will allow it to run while minimized. If you're not running the launcher, you'll want to run that command manually."

    I ran the command and it seems to have fixed the problem by minimizing the windows to the toolbar.  So if anyone else has the problem there's the solution.

    Nick  •  20 Jan

  • Weird behaviour in Angel Extravaganza: missioncontroller.clearpocket: approaching target angel webifier. My ship just kept chasing the damn frigate endlessly without targeting.

    vercetti  •  20 Jan

  • I threw together a page to make a graph from Questor's ISK output log. Just copy and paste it all in to the textbox. You can page multiple character's logs in too.


    If you're able to provide more detailed breakdown, like bounties, mission reward, salvage, etc. It'd be interesting for comparing efficiency and whatnot.

    Isker  •  20 Jan

  • Do you know of a specific reason why Questor might decide to not bother logging on one of my two chars a lot? Trying rename the old log in case the existing one is causing some problem, we'll see.

    Isker  •  20 Jan

  • How do you make this thing loot anything at all? Guns worth 1m+ are not valuable enough for it,

    it won't even loot Arbalest HML worth 15m a piece not to talk about 1m items Is there something to edit in character.xml?

    vercetti  •  21 Jan

  • <lootEverything>true</lootEverything>

    Found the the character.xml

    djsxxx  •  21 Jan

  • Hi, is it possible to get a list of all the commands available for the mission xmls?

    or even just a "ignore name" function so we could for example ignore the station on the gurista extravaganza.

    Thanks buddy

    Blinker  •  22 Jan

  • So I've run into an error recently with after mission salvaging in a Noctis.  The bot will switch to the noctis, fly to the bookmark, but then as soon as it gets there is gives the message "We are full" and it then returns to base, docks, "unloads" its EMPTY cargohold, then warps back out to the salvage bookmark and starts salvaging correctly.

    This happens after every mission, so I can only assume it could be corrected by placing a "check for full" and "unload" immediatly after switching to the salvage ship, rather then waiting until it warps all the way to the bookmark and then checking.

    That or perhaps having it check the ships % cargo space available.

    Xionanx  •  22 Jan

  • Ive just today got Innerspace (paid copy) installed fine. Ive edited the xml file for Questor but i cant seem to get it working at all.

    I open EVE via Innerspace console then open questor via the dotnet questor command and i get this


    and nothing happens when I click "auto start" or "start" was really hoping to use this today :(

    PulsarXC  •  22 Jan

  • @Pulsarxc

    I had that same issue and found out what I was doing wrong. follow these steps and it should work fine

    1. Load EVE using the innerspace client
    2. once in EVE us your Grave key   `
            this will load the innerspace console inside of eve
    3. type "dotnet Questor" and it should load questor and your characters name should appear next to the title Questor

    Note** if you get an error stating you dont have .net 2.0 install or it cant load it restart a 2nd EVE using the innerspace client and follow the steps again it should work. (this happens to me on occasion)

    Hope this resolves your issues.

    Kyro  •  23 Jan

  • @ Kyro

    "2. once in EVE us your Grave key   `
            this will load the innerspace console inside of eve"

    What do you mean by the "Grave key"? I have the same problem, but have not been able to find this key anywhere?

    Semaj  •  23 Jan

  • @Semaj

    The "Grave" key is usually the key in the top left corner of your keyboard directly below the "ESC" key and above the "TAB" key.  The key has two symbols, the " ` " and the " ~ ", on it.  This key opens and closes the innerspace console window so you can type in commands.

    Xionanx  •  23 Jan

  • Thanks so much Xionanx, i never knew what that was called. you learn somthing new everyday :)

    Semaj  •  23 Jan

  • I can't remember if I read this some where but does Questor swap hardners for each mission, or is an omni-tanked setup needed to utilize this?

    Shinto  •  23 Jan

  • that worked i managed to get it to accept a mission (guristas extra) but it stopped said
    unable to reload drones I did have 5 hammerheads and 5 hobgoblins in the bay.

    am I right to think that i can only use 1 drone type and those are the ones i should keep in my hanger.

    also i didnt know what to do to make questor re-start from that point all i could think of was to reject the mission and try again (my standings at 8.9 now i dont want to fall lower)

    is there a command to restart?

    PulsarXc  •  23 Jan

  • what I do that case is just restart questor though im sure there is a better option... You dont have to decline your mission though, when questor starts to run again it will recognize that you already have the mission accepted and continue through its steps.

    One thing to try and is put the drones in your hangar before starting so it can pull them. I had an issue where even though I had "ammo" loaded but not in the hangar it gave an error as well.

    kyro  •  23 Jan

  • Make sure you have set the drone id in the xml file also, just like ammo.

    Porksta  •  23 Jan

  • Some mission names contain double quotes now, such as the 'After the Seven (X of 5) "[subtitle]"' quest line.  This throws an exception about illegal characters in the path.

    kerope  •  24 Jan

  • I start Eve in Inner Space, then type 'dotnet Questor" into the console. 

    I get the below error in the console (with more info, can't copy and paste)

    Exception during event exectution: System.NullRefernceException: Object Reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Any advice?

    Guxx  •  24 Jan

  • Guxx, check the messages above. You have to open up the InnerSpace console inside EVE, you do this by using the Grave key (see explanation above).

    kerope, someone else had a similar problem. I'll see if I can filter out all illegal characters from the mission names. Consider it on my ever-growing todo list ;)

    PulsarXc, the easiest way to restart questor is to simply do that (close questor and restart it). Although you could just switch to the "Idle" state (but that can sometimes cause errors). You do not need to decline your mission. Questor will just notice that you already accepted your mission and continue from that point forward.

    Also if you do not want Questor to load drones, then make sure you change your "DroneTypeId" to "0". Questor will then no longer try to fill your drone bay (nor will it comlain about not having drones). You are correct though in thinking that Questor (at the moment) only supports one drone type.

    Shinto, swapping of hardeners is on the ever growing todo list.

    Xionanx, others have noticed the salvage ship heading home without actually doing anything. Can you remember if your cargo bay window was open at that time?

    Blinker, the ignore (and then "remove from ignore") command features are on the ever growing todo list. That would also allow for better mission-xml customization where missions have specific triggers you shouldn't trigger until your ready for it.

    vercitty, often the reason why Questor doesn't attack something is due to either having ammo specified incorrectly (you specify which ammo questor needs to use when fighting enemies where that ammo type is best used, so you always need to specify 4 types of ammo, even if their the same ammo type). If you did this and it fired on a few ships already, then you most likely changed the ammo-type in the dropdown box (with ammo types) by accident.

    Kyro, if you didnt figure it out yet, you have the same issue as Pulsarxc :)

    Da_Teach  •  24 Jan

  • @Da_Teach - Unfortunantly I dont recall that particular detail, if it happens again I'll try to remember to make note of it. 

    Xionanx  •  24 Jan

  • Wish there was an edit feature, so yeah, it just did it again and yes the Cargohold was NOT open.  So I waited for it to dock, unload its "empty" hold, undock and start to go back.  Then I closed the cargohold to see if it would repeat the process.  Sure enough, as soon as it got there it gave the message "we are full etc.." and warped back to the station to once again unload its empty cargohold.

    So by that I'm going to assume the error is tied to the fact that when you switch ships, the cargo hold starts "closed".  Then you fly to bookmark, the closed hold reads as "full", it flys back to station and "opens" the hold to unload, at which point the hold is now "open" so when it gets back to salvage it can.

    So perhaps after switching ships you can run an "open cargohold" script.  Or, you could do something similar to what Stealthbot does and simply lock the cargohold open, so that every time the user closes it, it re-opens again.

    Xionanx  •  24 Jan

  • Would it be possible (or is it already possible) to run only courier missions with questor? I've been using the functionality in evebot but it's been broken for some time without a fix and being an industry focused player I was using it to get my standings up so I could set up a POS in hisec.

    I can write .net code and have the old sample code of questor so I wouldn't mind doing it myself but the old code still requires isxeve.

    AutomanEmpire  •  24 Jan

  • @AutomanEmpire - You could try using Stealthbot rather then EVEBOT to run courier missions, its what I'm doing with my miner alt while it trains into a hulk.  But unfortunantly since the incursion update ISXEVE has issues opening the journal, which both EVEBOT and STEALTHBOT rely on for mission parsing.  Stealthbot still "works" with courier missions, but I'm hoping ISXEVE gets an update sometime in the near future to fix this problem along with a few others.

    I'm definantly glad Da_Teach decided to drop ISXEVE.  Hopefully Questor will eventually grow into a full function bot.

    Xionanx  •  24 Jan

  • Well Xionanx, good to know that what I suspected is actually the case. Adding it to my todo list (ok that list is actually getting large now ;)

    An AutomanEmpire, do not expect a courier option to be added to Questor. It sounds really boring :D 

    However I am going to look into a way of releasing DirectEve (the engine that Questor uses) without releasing the code for it.

    Da_Teach  •  24 Jan

  • Small note to those who are just starting. Agent name is case sensitive :)

    I had the problem with salvaging too. Cargo needs to be opened. For now i have it turned off.

    Anyone get xml sharing figured out? I have some Lvl 3s made.

    (Black Market Hub, Missing Convoy_Blitz, and Lights Out)

    Guxx  •  24 Jan

  • just done recon 2 of 2 fine and it went and salvaged ok.......then accepted recon 3 of 3 and warped the noctis to the gas cloud lol any reason?

    Pulsarxc  •  24 Jan

  • just done recon 2 of 2 fine and it went and salvaged ok.......then accepted recon 3 of 3 and warped the noctis to the gas cloud lol any reason?

    Pulsarxc  •  25 Jan

  • Iv just had the problem with the noctis going home and not salvaging because the 'cargo was full'. And no the cargo window was not open at the time

    Semaj  •  25 Jan

  • I am running into an issue with my ship not jumping gates... I know that this release was supposed to fix it but It appears i am still having this issue. Any help is appreciated.

    Kyro  •  25 Jan

  • I just wanted to make a suggestion for an add to Questor.  I haven't gotten to see how big of an impact incursions make to missioning yet and I'm not sure innerspace can even tell if an incursion is happening in your system so my suggestion may be unnecissary.  So anyway, it might be a good idea to put some kind of detector in to check if sansha is attacking and dock until it's over because with the status effects an incursion brings your ship might be too flimsy to clear missions well.  Again it may turn out the incursions are relatively rare or that their status effects aren't too damaging so this may be an ignorable post, I just wanted to pre-suggest.

    Nick  •  25 Jan

  • Semah
    Try it WITH the cargo window open? Reading above it seems to indicate that  when the cargo window is NOT open that it will rtb.

    Have you correctly setup the name of your combat ship in your xml? Also naming from what I've noticed is case sensitive.

    Post down any console errors so that Da_Teach can have a proper look.

    Blinker  •  25 Jan

  • I made a mistake in the xml sheet and left the combat shipname blank so it defaults to current ship. fixed now!

    about the salvaging i get the same problem but it does fix itself if it warps the the bookmark with cargo CLOSED it will RTB and try and unload but then it will try again and this time on undock the cargo will be open and it will correctly salvage.

    maybe a fix is to always make cargo bay open on undock.

    it does fix after RTB but is annoying if mission site is 2jumps out :(

    PulsarXc  •  25 Jan

  • Hi, I have problem with opening command console in game, my grave key doesnt open it nor any other usual key I tried. Is there any another way to access that console? Thx

    Semir  •  25 Jan

  • Nvm found out that F12 do the job.

    Semir  •  25 Jan

  • Regarding my bot not  jumping gates.... it doesn't actually give an error. it shows in the console the command that it is jumping but nothing happens even if i let it sit there for a long peroid of time.

    Kyro  •  26 Jan

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