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EVE Online: L4 Mission Bot - Part #8

A minor update today bringing you a few new features/fixes:

  • Ability to change the bookmark prefix (e.g. Salvage:).
  • Questor now correctly identifies that your cloaked and no longer tries to activate its hardeners.
  • You can disable the 3D rendering in EVE Online, use at your own risk.
  • Added statistics logging at the end of each mission.

The statistics logging is a bit off, mainly due to the delayed bounty prizes. I'll look into a better version but for now it does give a basic run down on mission times. The time it measures is from the point where it starts the conversation with your agent, until it reaches 'Idle' state again (e.g. after everything is done).

Some people experienced crashes with Questor when it tried to accept missions. I *think* I have fixed that, however I'm not sure. I changed the way I read strings from EVE. In theory it shouldn't crash. However since I didn't experience the issue myself so I am not sure if it is fixed or not :)

You can download the new version here.

Posted by: Da_Teach on Sunday, January 16, 2011  •  EVE Online Questor Bot

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  • Add diigo bookmark
  • New version seems good, i havent crashed yet XD

    Porksta  •  16 Jan

  • I ran a couple missions and it looks good.

    The only thing I noticed that looked off was on the first mission when the salvage ship arrived at the first bookmark, instead of starting to salvage it reported "Salvage: We are full, goto base to unload" yet the cargo was empty.  I let it return to base.  On its return to the bookmark it salvaged fine.  The second mission it started salvaging immediately with out this issue.

    FireBuilder  •  16 Jan

  • This is excellent. Love your work m8. Do you know of a way to get this to auto log the characters off before dt and log them in after again? or maybe a schedule sort of thing.

    Blinker  •  17 Jan

  • Hi, I just wanted to make a suggestion to add targeting computer and sensor booster activation.  Also I was wondering how the attack priority in the ship target value file works.  Does it go lower number or higher number priority and how would I for example make "Guristas Eliminator" a high priority target?

    Nick  •  17 Jan

  • Nick, if you always want Guristas Eliminators to die first, edit the shiptargetvalues.xml and give them a higher number then the rest. That should do it.

    Blinker, Questor already doesn't accept new missions an hour before downtime. I'm going to check with the creator of InnerSpace to see if he can fix a bug and in theory (if you use auto-login from questor in the startup of InnerSpace) I can make it relog once the servers are up.

    FireBuilder, the full-error must have been a fluke. Let me know if it happens more often.

    Da_Teach  •  17 Jan

  • Would be awesome to be able to change fit depending on dmg type.

    djsxxx  •  17 Jan

  • Great bot.

    Would it be possible at all to code cap booster functionality?

    the grinder  •  18 Jan

  • Truly excellent bot, I applaud your work. I have been using it to great effect! I too would like the functionality to include cap boosters if possible, at some point.

    I have also encountered the curious salvaging error where the salvage ship arrives at a salvage bookmark and immediately warps away because it says it's full when is in fact empty, though that was with the previous release of questor, not this one.

    Bonzo  •  18 Jan

  • Due to new patch (18/01/2011) Questor no longer jumps to new system.

    Ok, seems Questor is guna need a little bit of work to fix :P

    djsxxx  •  18 Jan

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