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EVE Online: L4 Mission Bot - Part #7

I've finally finished the move from ISXEVE to DirectEve (my own code). This means Questor is now usable without an ISXEVE subscription. Note, Inner Space is still required!

Some of the changes:

  • Tractor beam's will deactivate if a wreck / cargo container is within 2500m
  • Wrecks will be unlocked if the ship has no salvager (just like cargo containers)
  • Afterburner / MWD will no longer turn off if your speed tanking and are still being attacked. Note that the old behavior will still be used if your not speed tanking (e.g. if your no longer approaching an entity, then ab/mwd will turn off)
  • Refactored the way Questor loots, it should handle lag better now.

I probably forgot to add some changes to the change log, so who knows what you will run into ;)

I've also decided to release a new utility called ValueDump. This utility has the ability to sell all the items in your hangar. Run it with 'dotnet valuedump' from the InnerSpace console. It will sell all items (or at least try) that are not in secure containers (like a station container). So move your ammo to safety!

By default this utility will not undersell items. Underselling is defined as 15% under median buy price (as returned by eve-central, cached in invitems.xml). This, however, is ignored if the combined value (item quantity * median buy price) is below 1.000.000 isk (its not worth the trouble of trying to sell it yourself).

You can download the new version here. Due to my work I have a lot less time to work on Questor at this moment (I was off the past 3 weeks :), so expect changes / updates to become a bit less frequent from now on. Sorry.

Posted by: Da_Teach on Tuesday, January 11, 2011  •  EVE Online Inner Space Questor Bot

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  • Da_Teach,
    I resolved all of my previous problems except one. 
    When I'm doing mission defined in xml file with damagetype in there it pickups right type of ammo but it doesnt use it. I need to manually change damage type in bot then it start using it. If I wont do that it says "Out of Ammo" and going back to base. How should I resolve it?

    ahaw  •  12 Jan

  • Hi there,

    Just downloaded your last version but when i run questor.exe nothing happens.. what im missing here?

    Dru  •  12 Jan

  • I love the tractor beam change you just made.  Makes looting/salvaging mid-fight much faster.

    I am running into one issue when switching between long/short range ammo:  All the launchers will flash as if they are reloading, but when complete one or two of them will have no ammo loaded.  This is not a major issue as they do get loaded eventually.

    kerope  •  12 Jan

  • One more thing, I noticed that I would waste ammo shooting at a structure in guristas extravaganza pocket 5.  Is shooting at deadspace structures a default behavior of the kill state?

    kerope  •  12 Jan

  • I'm getting annoyed by the structure in pocket 5 too, I'm going to see if I can make it not kill it.

    As for the reloading, I just grouped them all (that used to be an issue with isxeve, but its not with my stuff).

    Da_Teach  •  12 Jan

  • @Dru,

    Perhaps you do not have the extra's necessary to run the questor bot. In this release it says you don't require isxeve, however Inner-space is still required.

    Not having subscribed to either of these I'm unsure how you would go about it or what it would involve, but it's something I intend to look into so I can try questor out!

    Bonzo  •  13 Jan

  • Da Teach
    Is there a way to run this in debug or with some logging?

    I am trying to make my own mission files for other factions and at lower levels, and I get the distinct impression, it is not reading/finding the file correctly.
    I have an example where I want it to move to an object and loot and warp out. whilst the console says Clear pocket complete, done and warps back to the agent.

    Thanks muchly

    tweezers  •  13 Jan

  • Hey Da_teach, absolutely amazing bot, best I've seen ever. I had an issue this morning, however, where I came back to the console with about 15 windows saying I cannot move my ammo (bane javelin torps) into a container because it doesn't have enough space, this seemed to have stopped the macro from functioning 100%. I would get a screenshot and log, unfortunately there seems to be no logging system setup.
    Keep it up,

    James  •  13 Jan

  • Where can I download DirectEve? I cannot run questor without either this or isxeve, right?

    (got innerspace and questor_20110111.zip, how do I set it up?)

    vercetti  •  13 Jan

  • what is this error everything was fine before

       at LavishScriptAPI.LavishScript.Events.Event.Target(Int32 argc, UInt32 argvToken, Int32 ThisObject)
    Exception during event execution: System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is

    Porksta  •  14 Jan

  • James, you just need innerspace and the questor.  Look at the previous blog posts for setup instructions.

    Seconding tweezer's request for a logging feature, although it's not critical for me.

    n2o  •  14 Jan

  • Also, a suggestion/request, would it be possible to make use of the Fitting Management Window to change fittings based on mission type?

    And to extend it even further be able to change ships based on mission, i.e. as switching between a tengu and golem based on the mission.

    Thanks for the great work so far!

    n2o  •  14 Jan

  • Hi there,

    Would just like to say, amazing work!! Works like a dream. Couple of questions/request tho:

    1. Are you going to make this open source? Or is it possible to request the source

    2. Regarding how drones are used:

    Currently, drones will always shoot the smallest target that is shooting you, thats fine for frigs, but what i would prefer is that once all the frigs are killed, then drones should shoot same target as your turrets/launchers.

    Thanks again, keep up the good work.

    djsxxx  •  14 Jan

  • Sorry, another thing I just noticed.

    Questor wont approach a Warp Gate until all the rats are killed. If the gate is 50km away this wastes a lot of time. Would be more efficient to approach the gate whilst killing rats (would make sense to make this an optional setting due to weapon ranges)

    djsxxx  •  14 Jan

  • I'm interested in when PySharp/DirectEVE will be released. sounds like you've put a lot of work itno making it very c# friendly. What I've heard about isxeve + c# hasn't been great. So this I'm really looking forward to so I can develop my own stuff with it.

    mosi  •  14 Jan

  • Me again...

    Another suggestion:

    When all rats have been killed, reload launchers.


    djsxx  •  14 Jan

  • Just a follow up,

    Any chance of changing the line that says
    MissionController: No mission actions specified, loading default actions

    To place the file name it is looking for?


    tweezers  •  14 Jan

  • Porksta , mail me the entire exception (you can get some logging by enabling this in innerspace by doing "log c:/questor.log" ), you can then mail that to da_teach@wordtgek.nl and I'll look into the error. I've not managed to get any memory exceptions but I guess everything is possible.

    n2o , changing ships / fittings is on my "todo list" however its not that simple. Changing ships for example would also allow you to change ammo type. Anyhow this would require a bit of an overhaul of the agent conversation module (it currently handles which ammo types to use) and arm (which would need to do the switching depending on needed tank).  The major issue I have is that some missions have two factions with different tank-requirements, which one would you choose.

    djsxxx , I've said it a couple of times, at the moment I am not going to release the code. Not because I don't want people to have a look at it, but rather that there's a big chance it will get abused. Abuse means ccp will need to do something about it which would ruin it for all of us.

    I've been thinking about drone use and I also think that once scramblers / webbers and frigs are dead, it should assist the weapons. I've got it on my todo list.

    Mosi, while not entirely the same as going open source. At the moment PySharp and DirectEve are not going to be released. And while it is missing functionality compared to ISXEVE, I would say that it could be used for a lot of different type of bots. And its easily expanded to include more functionality.

    djsxxx , I have thought about reloading launchers several times, the reason it doesnt do it because it doesn't know 'what to reload'. Long range, short range, different dmg type, etc.

    And tweezers , the line that says that basically tells you that you have no specific mission xml defined. See the mission xml's in the caldari/gallente folders that I supplied.

    Da_Teach  •  14 Jan

  • Amaizing work. I took a break from botting for a while, coming back to this update. Its awesome. Left it grinding all night and came back to find it going in the morning.

    One small issue i encountered (which apparently it survived without running into) is the mission spawn wont dispawn when ninja salvagers are in the inner pockets. So it would be great if salvaging ship would jump through the acceleration gates instead of spamming warp to bookmark.

    Other than that, my previous problems with activating salvage ship are obviously gone. Right now its generating more money than 0.0 bot ratter.

    Thank you!

    maxyield  •  14 Jan

  • One more thing. I can't launch ValueDump out of innerspace. It launches as windows app, but no matter if i put it in /.net programs/ or its own directory or keep it in questor directory it still wont launch saying it cant find that assembly.

    maxyield  •  14 Jan

  • Hi Da_Teach,
    first off you did a great job on this script.

    Now to my question. Is it possible to implement a method that reads the level of a mission so you can insert different missions into one mission xml file? I am currently doing L2 and L3 mission and could supply you with those mission xmls.

    Best regards

    Thoregon  •  14 Jan

  • Thoregon  could you upload them somewhere?

    ahaw  •  14 Jan

  • Thanks for the reply Da_teach

    I understand there needs to be a mission file, the mission in question is Delving Into the Past (1 of 3) , I created a file with that Delving Into the Past (1 of 3).xml and many other varients, but I cant seem to get the right file name it is looking for, if that error message could state the file its looking for that would be helpful.


    tweezers  •  15 Jan

  • Would it be possible to allow specifying the bookmark naming format in the user xml file?  With bookmarks stored server-side I am guessing a standard format would be easy to query and contribute weight towards suspected automation score.

    FireBuilder  •  15 Jan

  • i think is cool if u add an option for set the priority about electrical enemy priority
    like kill first scrambler, web, ecc and ignore weapon disruptor, ecc

    (now target painter ship aren't in a priority list for ex)

    Trigun  •  16 Jan

  • Bugreport for newest patch:
    - doesnt jump to other systems (sits at gate and spams jump)
    - doesnt change ammo (and doesnt fire at targets because of this)

    Some features i would like to see:
    -change ammo while warping to mission, unload to cargo when done
    - drones attack low value targets (frigs)
    - defensive modules active only in mission system

    thorthor  •  18 Jan

  • also some script for simple courier missions would be nice, so the bot doesnt need to cancel them

    thorthor  •  18 Jan

  • I have also subscribed for ISXEVE but i didn't receive any notifications regarding this subscriptions, not even a mail intimating the subscription process. So kindly mention the right process for it. I have found this article on essay services blogs when i have visited that blog.

    Ophelia C. Staples  •  17 Sep

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